When you’re looking for a full range of masonry services for your business, home, or backyard, you will undoubtedly be looking for a team on which you can rely. Here at Nesius Masonry Inc, we believe we are that team.

We pride ourselves on offering a range of masonry services here in Newburyport, Massachusetts, that not only meet the expectation of our customers but exceed them. We boast more than a decade in the commercial and residential masonry industry and are members of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers as well. We believe this extensive background, qualifications, and skill set, is what keeps our customers coming back for more.

Stone masonry is the oldest form of trade in the world, and famous landmarks prove it’s also one of the most beautiful and unique. We take natural and human-made products such as brick, pavers, and stone, and turn them into works of art for your home or business. From patios and staircases through to feature walls, retaining walls and rock features, there’s very little our team can’t do.

What can Nesius Masonry Inc do?

The easier question to answer is what we can’t do. We specialize in both residential and commercial stonemasonry. As such, we can build a path from your clothesline to your house, before moving onto preparing stonework for a high-rise apartment or commercial building. Whatever the job – big or small – you’re sure to find we’re only too willing and able to help.

Why choose Nesius Masonry Inc?



As one of the most trusted and preferred stonemasonry experts in Massachusetts, we believe we have a valuable skill that puts us in a league of our own. Not only can we work with stone to achieve the very look you were after, but we can even help with design all the way through to inception



We can take your dreams, goals, and ideas, and put them on paper for you to approve, before creating your very own slice of paradise.



What’s more, we’re incredibly versatile. Whether you have a vision and goal for your home’s backyard, or you’re in need of complete installation at your commercial site, you can rely on Nesius Masonry to get the job done.



We work with you to choose the stone, the style, and the outcome; then we turn your dreams into reality.

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