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Stonemasonry is one of the oldest crafts in human history, and it can often be considered one of the most beautiful. When you provide the right tradesman with the right skills and tools, he can turn a humble piece of stone into a beautiful work of art. Therefore, if you’re in need of a focal piece in your backyard, or you simply require stonework and walls to transform a previously barren space, it might be time to call upon stonemasonry experts.

Let the team at Nesius Masonry transform your outdoor area into something extraordinary.

What Can Nesius Masonry Do in Your Outdoor Area?

If you’re looking to buck the trend and steer away from the less-durable wood decking and timber finished as are common in outdoor areas, then stonemasonry could be for you. Here at Nesius Masonry, we offer over a decade’s experience in the trade, creating everything from patio floors all the way through to rock gardens. There is very little we can’t do when it comes to stone.

We can create stone pathways that navigate around both large and small properties, or we can bring a previously laid path back to life. What’s more, if your section has an incline or decline – no matter how big or small – we can work with it. Let us take that unusable land and turn it into a beautiful and functional backyard. We can include stepping stones, walls, steps, and anything you need to take back control of your own section.

When it comes to creating an aesthetically pleasing focal point, Nesius has this covered as well. Our stonemasons are well-skilled in the creation of rock gardens and accent pieces to feature beautifully in ponds. We’re stone people, so we know what works, and what will help your yard to stand out from the crowd.

Can You Do Retaining Walls?

Retaining walls serve a purpose, and typically, they stand out in your yard for all the wrong reasons. Their primary function is to support soil and water mass, doing so from different levels on both sides. While they can be crucial in many situations, they don’t have to be purely functional. Retaining walls can also be aesthetic. Let our team make your retaining wall something unique and special, rather than just another necessity. We can liven it up with stone paths and walkways, or we can use stone veneers to accentuate its appearance for the better. No longer does a retaining wall have to be an eyesore to your otherwise stunning home and land package. Give us a call and let us transform the space to be both functional and beautiful.

Why Stone?

Many people ask us why stone is a preferred option for retaining walls and general stonework in outdoor areas, and the answer is simple. It lasts. While timber finishes can look stunning for the first few months, it can then fall victim to the elements. Wood can lose its shine, rot, become a termite’s dinner, and can even discolor to no longer suit your property. Stone, on the other hand, is a long-lasting, robust and rigid material that will last for hundreds of years. It is prevalent in temples, monuments, and castles, and often looks as good as the day it was built hundreds of years ago. It’s versatile to be used in a range of applications, and in the right hands, can be turned from a humble stone into a striking centerpiece. There’s very little our team can’t do with this unique material.

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