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Patios and walkways can lift any backyard from being drab and dreary, to being an exciting adventure with each step. Whether you’re looking to add new pathways for you to meander through your gardens, or you require repairs or maintenance to an existing path, our experienced and skilled team at Nesius Masonry can help.

Patios, on the other hand, are something we truly pride ourselves on. In those summer months when you’re looking to relax outside with a beverage and a book, there could be nothing more satisfying than a brand new patio. Let us take care of the details and create a space of which all your neighbors and friends will be jealous.

Why Create a Patio?

No home is complete without an outdoor area. No matter where you live in America, you’re sure to find there will be at least one time of the day when sitting outside proves good for the soul. If you don’t have anywhere set up to cater for your requirements, how can you expect to benefit? Nesius Masonry pride itself on taking your ideas, dreams, and passions for your ideal patio space, and turning them into reality.

We look at the available space, find out what you require, then offer ideas for the best use of stone or rock to suit your home’s exterior. Whether it’s brick, concrete, cobbles or fieldstone, we can cater to your every requirement. What’s more, there are no size limits. If you want a patio that spans the length of your backyard, or a small and quaint nook upon which you exit your home into, we can provide a solution that ticks all the boxes.

Why Create a Walkway?

Walkways – in every shape and form – enable you to enjoy your garden to the full extent. Instead of watching it from a distance, afraid to get your shoes muddy on grass encompassing the gardens, we can provide you with a path to see it up close and personal. Choose from a range of stone or concrete options and let us build a path that suits your exact requirements.

What’s more, we can create one long path or a stepping path. Even an incline or decline is no problem for our experienced team. We can provide you with a walkway that stands out from the crowd while being functional and aesthetic at the same time.

What are the Benefits of Walkways and Patios?

Whether your backyard is your sanctuary, or you’re looking to make it into a more functional space, walkways and patio areas can achieve this. The area around your home can be more than just bare land; it can become a private sanctuary that’s unique to your home.

Walkways offer a range of benefits. They can allow you to navigate your yard with ease, and they can also add a new level of safety. Instead of worrying about children and elderly slipping on grass and mud, they can instead traverse a well-designed path that gets them from A to B safely.

The benefits of patio spaces are also far-reaching. Whether you use stone, brick, pavers or concrete, they provide another area around your home that’s perfect for entertaining. Invite all your friends over and gather outside, overlooking your garden in comfort and privacy.

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